17th/18th of December

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17th/18th of December Empty 17th/18th of December

Post  Raine_Storme on 12/13/2009, 9:15 pm

Main Mall: Main newly linking to shadow__puppy, SoTM linking to grooming
Mini Mall: Main linking back to recruitment page for Dinner, School, Toys

For January:
macabre20 as new Chillers/Bakery
merrymoon369 as Neggs/Candy

New toy shop: ennaxor60 (add to banner tonight)

Waitlist mitzibear2002 for Books, sweets, and the dinner
Waitlist mddg123 for training, or sweets.

Banner edits:
Christmas banner
Edit album/cards back into a "collectibles" spot
Edit sweets/chillers into a single sweets spot
Edit banner so neggs links to merry

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17th/18th of December Empty Re: 17th/18th of December

Post  oobajooba on 12/16/2009, 2:47 pm

Size checks are all done

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